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I hate my friends

I have very few people outside my room that I consider friends. I’m not social or particularly popular by any means. I’ve learned to adopt a certain persona when I’m with certain people. I act, sound, behave differently around different people. I wouldn’t say I was pretending to be someone I’m not — I was just being a different me.

I only talk to three people on my contact list. One of them is a guy I’m currently seeing and the other two are just there at this point. I need to make it a point to myself that just because I’m alone most of the time, doesn’t means I’m lonely. I think my preference to being alone is based on how awful people actually are when you spend time with them. I have this one friend who thinks very highly of himself. It’s nauseating being around him when he goes on his rants about how he’s “too good for people”, “why people are so stupid”, or “how I’m so mature.”

I don’t know how to begin.

I’m not saying I’m better than him, but I’m just sick of him.

More than 150 words

Gay Men Online Dating Translations

For most homosexual men or guys who like to have sex with other guys, the Internet has provided them with the means to commune with other perverse individuals to enact sacrilegious morally depraved perversions with one another, just to paraphrase the earlier Popes of the Vatican church.

Short and concise sentences are the predominant vernaculars in many web-based dating communities.  “Hi” or “Sup” are the words most commonly used by a lot of homosexual men to initiate possible-interested parties. The acknowledgement alone is something that every online soul should be flattered about, but in most cases, at least in my experience, those instances are met with a blank reply.

Since a lot of things are lost in translation (yes, like the Scarlett Johansson movie with Bill Murray), I’ve taken it upon myself to interpret the various common dialects that many online citizens are presented with on a daily basis.


Online dating translations:


Hi! = I think you’re cute, please reply.

Hi. = You’re profile made me laugh and I think you’re sort of cute

Sup = Bro

Looking, but nothing serious. = I like having options.

Looking for a relationship = I’ve been single for over a month now. I need a boyfriend again.

No strings attached = Looking for one-time booty calls. Like seriously, don’t even think of messaging me for a second time.

Pics please = I hope you’re hot.

Only in masc guys = Gurl…please.

Looking to expand my social life. = We need another guy for our circle jerk.

Sorry not into (insert ethnic minority here). = Don’t even bother unless you’re white.

In an open relationship = We’re a bored couple who’d like to have regular threeways on Saturday nights.

What are you into? = I want how crazy you get in bed

Have you met other guys on this site? = I’m going to make an estimate of how slutty you are.

Can I get your number? = I want hook up and sext you.

Can we meet? = I want to be your boyfriend.


The Word Faggot

COLT_guys_(San_Francisco_Gay_Parade_2006) copy

It’s an insult. It’s a pejorative. It’s derogatory. There’s a rich history on the origin of this word, which can be found on the Interweb, but history is of little interest in this matter. The word “faggot”, no matter what the context, is wrong.

Society hasn’t evolved much in terms of communication. Even with the advancements of technology, society has yet to develop a mindset that’s able to accommodate a progressive means of articulating simple thoughts. It seems as though people won’t be satisfied till they’ve bastardized every known word in the English dictionary. Similar to “faggot,” the word “gay” has been used in a similar fashion. A lot of people equate the word “gay” with stupidity, displeasure or resentment. It may not be as stigmatizing, but it’s used in the same manner of disgust and disdain.




I’m sick


The high point of my day was sitting on the bus next to a guy who reeked of body odor and sported a pony tail. Needless to say, the experience was less than warranted.

For the past few days, I’ve fallen ill to the summer fever that’s been permeating in Toronto. Even with my sickness, I’m still able to find the time to organize the porn films I’ll be watching later in the evening. My sexual desires take precedence over a lot things in my life. Every morning I wake with the obligation to orgasm; pleasuring myself in the morning has become common practice. I’m not particularly horny in the morning, but due to the regular practice of masturbating before breakfast I feel obligated to pleasure myself — I’m sure a lot of men feel the same way.

But like many facets in life, it can be unlearned or at least managed to a degree. Hopefully, my newly founded sense for chastity will last.



Another day of a sexless gay life

At the early on-set of my adolescence, the curiosity for phallic sensations were constant — it still is.  On this sexless Thursday night, I find myself researching “how to get fucked for the first time.” At the ripe age of 24, I can honestly say I had no clear inclination on the proper preparations for a first-time fucking.

I’ve had anal sex before, but I’ve just never been fucked before.  After skimming through the list of gay porn sites that Google had offered me, I stumbled upon the website Get It On!, which was a great deal of help. I’m not a virgin, it’s just that the facet of getting fucked in the ass wasn’t a dominant factor during intercourse.

I want to experience my body and be comfortable with it. Sex is just one part of that factor, but it’s also a very important one.